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2022 Upgraded MARS HYDRO FC8000 800W LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants 2968PCS LM301B Samsung Osrams Diode 5x5ft Full Spectrum Commercial Grow Farming Light Detachable Dimmable Daisy Chain 2.9umol/J

Just eats 800w ideal light for 4x4ft flowering.FLEXIBLE DIMMING DAISY CHAIN, prefect as industrial LED expand lights, FC8000 dimmable expand light with sissy chain, up to 15 lights linked, master light regulated deals terrific benefit to your growing! IP65 Waterproof vast 8-bar deals also & wide cover insurance coverage, makes best use of expand room, adaptable 180 level layout, suitable for residence & upright farming.UPGRADED FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT: High-intensity range with improved red

(Top-Bin Samsung 2800k-5000knm Warm White,4800-5000k White, Osram 660nm Deep Red ), speed up fruiting & growing, FC8000 expand light birthed for Density Buds, extensively fit for full-cycle business, residence, expand outdoor tents, expand area, hydroponic, dirt growth.Input Voltage 100-277V.

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