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8 awesome application of diodes in circuits

you will certainly be stunned if you look closer to diodes, they are not as straightforward as you assume, they can do numerous jobs in circuit as well as you require to recognize where to utilize a diode to be a fantastic circuit developer.
in this video clip i will certainly present 3 major sort of diodes with 8 application of them in circuits, certainly this is not all kinds and also applications of this wonderful element yet it is enought to start with diodes.
What is distinction in between genuine as well as excellent diodes?
Just how much voltage decrease on a diode?
What are diodes are made use of for in circuits?
Where diodes are utilized in circuits?
What are primary specifications of a diode to take into consideration?
What is an excellent diode?
What is primary application of diodes?
The amount of diode kinds are readily available?
Just how much voltage a diode can go down?
Why diodes are utilized in circuits?
What is a zener diode?
Exactly how to refer voltage making use of zener diode?
Just how to make use of a zener diode to secure circuit from over voltage?
Right here in this video clip you will certainly get the answer of these concerns