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Chanzon 1W Zener Diode Assorted Kit (30 Values x 10pc 3V 3.3V 3.6V 3.9V 4.3V 4.7V 5.1V 5.6V 6.2V 6.8V 7.5V 8.2V 9.1V 10V 11V 12V 13V 15V 16V 18V 20V 22V 24V 27V 30V 33V 36V 39V 43V 47V) Assortment Set

1 Watt Zener Diodes Bag (Pack of 30 Values, Each 10 Pieces, Total 300 Pieces)

Lead-Free / RoHS Compliant Electronics Component / DO-41 Through Hole

1N4727A 1N4727 3Volt / 1N4728A 1N4728 3.3Volt / 1N4729A 1N4729 3.6Volt / 1N4730A 1N4730 3.9Volt / 1N4731A 1N4731 4.3Volt / 1N4732A 1N4732 4.7Volt / 1N4733A 1N4733 5.1Volt / 1N4734A 1N4734 5.6Volt / 1N4735A 1N4735 6.2Volt / 1N4736A 1N4736 6.8Volt

1N4737A 1N4737 7.5Volt / 1N4738A 1N4738 8.2Volt / 1N4739A 1N4739 9.1Volt / 1N4740A 1N4740 10Volt / 1N4741A 1N4741 11Volt / 1N4742A 1N4742 12Volt / 1N4743A 1N4743 13Volt / 1N4744A 1N4744 15Volt / 1N4745A 1N4745 16Volt / 1N4746A 1N4746 18Volt

1N4747A 1N4747 20Volt / 1N4748A 1N4748 22Volt / 1N4749A 1N4749 24Volt / 1N4750A 1N4750 27Volt / 1N4751A 1N4751 30Volt / 1N4752A 1N4752 33Volt / 1N4753A 1N4753 36Volt / 1N4754A 1N4754 39Volt / 1N4755A 1N4755 43Volt / 1N4756A 1N4756 47Volt

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