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Chanzon 60 pcs(6 colors x 10 pcs) 5mm LED Diode Lights Assortment Kit Pack (Diffused Round Lens DC 3V 20mA) Lighting Bulb Lamp Assorted Variety Color Electronics Components Light Emitting Diodes Parts

Overview: 5 mm Frosted Foggy Round Small Lens (Viewing Angle: 20 levels) 2 leads, 6 10pcs x shades = 60pcs Mixed Leddiode, 10 for every Single Color (White Red Green Blue Yellow Orange)

White: 6000K-9000K(7000K 8000K) Red: 620nm-625nm Green: 515nm-520nm Blue: 455-465nm Yellow: 588-592nm(590nm 591nm) Orange(Amber): 600nm-610nm

Delivering Weight: 1.0 oz/ 0.03 kg, (Pack of 60) (6 Colours, Each Color 10pcs/ Through Hole DIP 2pins 5mmled LEDs Set)

Compatible with: Indicator Lights, DIY PCB Circuit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, pastime, Science Experiments, Colorful Throwies Project, Breadboard, T1 T-1 Bulb, Bulk 3.2 v 3.3 v Parts Replacement, Invisible Black Light

Micro F3 3 mm Diameter, 2pin 2 pin Leads, Tiny Ultra Bright Light, Low Voltage 2 volt 2.2 v 2.5 v 2.5 volt 3 volt 3.2 volt 3.2 v & Low Power Consumption

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