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Chasing Diodes – The perfect Distortion Diode Circuit showdown

Taped with a Shure Unidune III 545 microphone to Protools HD,.
@ 88Khz/24bit.

Which one do you like finest? (Turn on CC for English captions).
A contrast of 10 various clipping circuits on an affordable strong state amp with a Marshall 1912 1×12 Cabinet.
1N4001 & 2x 1N4001 (Asymmetric).
1N4004 & 2x 1N4004 (Asymmetric).
2x Orange LEDs.
2x 1N4148.
2x Blue LEDs.
MPF102 JFET & 2N5457 JFET (Asymmetric).
2x КП303И Russian JFETs.
2x BAT-85 Schottkey diodes.
КП303И Russian JFET & Orange LED (Asymmetric).
1N4148 diode & J201 JFET (Asymmetric).