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Designing a diode ladder filter from scratch

In this video clip, I’ll stroll you via the procedure of developing a diode ladder VCF from scrape. If you are simply beginning out, I suggest you very first see the remainder of my collection on filter style.

Analog Filtering Basics:–ofU
Energetic Filters & Resonance:
Vactrol-Based Voltage Control:

If you require a refresher course on just how the inverting op amp-configuration functions, I advise viewing my video clip on a sawtooth-to-triangle converter, which you can locate right here:

Assistance the network:

Full task on falstad:

If you intend to comply with along– which I highly suggest–, below’s a costs of products:

00:00 Intro
01:39 Sound Demo
03:49 Diodes as Resistors?
10:31 Bias Current & Trickery
14:02 Multi-Pole Diode Ladder
17:23 Driving the Ladder
25:22 Output Stage
27:42 Curriculum Vitae Processing
30:53 Resonance
34:45 Final Demo & Outro

2x TL074

3x sound jack outlet

2x 1uF aluminum foil capacitor
5x 1nF aluminum foil capacitor

11x 1N4148 diode

2x 100k direct mono potentiometer

2x 200k resistor
2x 100k resistor
1x 47k resistor
8x 33k resistor
2x 10k resistor
1x 2k7 resistor
2x 2k resistor
1x 1k resistor
1x 330 resistor