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DiCUNO 450pcs (5 Colors x 90pcs) 5mm LED Light Emitting Diode Round Assorted Color White/Red/Yellow/Green/Blue Kit Box

Head Type: Round; Head Diameter: 5mm; Pin Length: 18 mm.

Forward Voltage: R/Y 2.0-2.2V; B/G/W 3.0-3.2V; Max. Current: 20mA.

Wavelength Range: Red, 620-625nm; Yellow, 590-595nm; Green, 520-525nm; Blue, 460-465nm; White, 8000K.

Kit Box: All different types of super bright diodes are separated in a neat kit box and labeled clearly.

Wide Application: DIY LED Projects, School Science Experiments, Car Decorations, Signal Indicator, Electronic and Electrical Experiments, etc.

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