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Diodes and SMD Diode Codes Explained with Examples

1N400 collection; M-series, and also S-series SMD diodes;
1N58-series, SS-series, and also SR collection Schottky diodes,
FR, UF, SF, her, and also mur collection Fast healing diodes;
EIA/JEDEC requirement, JIS criterion, as well as Pro-Electron numbering system;
DF-series, KBL-series, GBU-series, GBPC-series, VS-series Bridge rectifier IC’s.
Through-hole axial bundle diodes, MELF bundle diodes, as well as SMD diodes,.
1N539x,1 N540x, 6A and also 10A-series, GPA8x and also GPA16x-series diodes,.
1N4148 High-speed changing diode, Explained with Examples.

Timestamps for different subjects covered in this video clip are as complies with:.

0:21 General objective Diodes (1N-series),.
2:16 SMD Diodes (S-series as well as m-series),.
3:46 Schottky Diodes (SR-series and also ss-series),.
6:26 Fast Recovery Diodes,.
11:10 EIA/JEDC, JIS, as well as Pro-Electron Diode Coding Schemes,.
11:51 Bridge Rectifier IC (DF, KBL, GBU, GBPC, as well as VS-series).

Datasheets of different Diodes web links,.

1N400x-series diodes.

( VS26MT and also VS36MT).
( VS130MT as well as VS160MT).

Capacitors and also SMD capacitors codes.



UF diodes.

Rotating straight and also present existing.

S1-series to S5-series SMD diodes.

Half-wave Rectifier.

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PN Junction Diode.

This video clip will certainly be valuable to all pupils and also functioning specialists in recognizing Diode Codes.

SR-series Schottky diodes.

Bridge Rectifier IC’s.

MUR diodes. DO-201AD). pdf.

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SF diodes.

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#Pro- electron criterion.

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SS-series Schottky diodes.

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M1 to M7 SMD Diodes.

Quick Recovery Diodes,.
FR diodes.

HER diodes.

SMD Resistors codes.