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ESD Protection Basics – TVS Diode Selection & Routing – Phil’s Lab #75

Essentials of ESD security in equipment and also PCB styles, TVS diode fundamentals and also pertinent specifications, format and also transmitting standards, in addition to an instance on exactly how to pick a TVS diode for a details application.

Mixed-signal equipment layout training course:

[TIMESTAMPS] 00:00 Introduction

[ASSISTANCE] Free test of Altium Designer:

PCBA from $0 (Free Setup, Free Stencil):



00:36 Altium Designer Free Trial

01:00 ESD Protection Basics
02:33 TVS Diode Operation

03:19 TVS Diode Parameters
03:46 Uni- vs Bidirectional
04:59 Number of Channels
05:23 Working Voltage
05:52 Clamping Voltage
06:39 Capacitance
07:56 IEC 61000-4-2 Rating

08:28 Schematic & PCB Layout Guidelines
10:56 Example: Choosing a Suitable TVS Diode

14:02 Outro