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How to Solve the Diode Circuits (Explained with Examples)

In this video clip, various approaches for resolving the diode circuits have actually been reviewed.

Both techniques have actually been gone over in the video clip and also making use of the diode estimation technique, various circuit troubles have actually been resolved.

There are 2 techniques for resolving/ evaluating the diode circuits.
1) Graphical Method
2) Diode Approximation

The timestamps for the various subjects covered in the video clip:

1:02 Graphical Method (Using the Load Line).

3:19 Diode Approximations.

4:29 How to Solve a circuit trouble utilizing diode estimation.

7:46 Example 1 (Series link of Diode).

9:54 Example 2.

12:11 Example 3 (Parallel Connection of Diode).

13:41 Example 4 (Parallel Connection of Diode with various diodes (Si and also Ge)).

16:11 Example 5 (Parallel link of diode with various voltages).

The web link for the various other helpful video clips associated with diode:.
1) Introduction to a diode as well as V-I qualities of the diode.

Graphical Method:.
In visual technique, the tons line is made use of the V-I contour of the diode.
The lots line offers the feasible worths of voltage and also current of the diode for the provided circuit. The crossway of the V-I contour of the tons as well as the diode line provides the operating voltage as well as current of the diode.

Diode Approximation:.
In the diode estimate, the diode is changed by the comparable circuit. The worths of voltage and also current of the diode by this approach is not precise, utilizing the diode estimation the circuits can be addressed/ evaluated extremely conveniently.

2) The diode resistance Explained:.

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This video clip will certainly be valuable to all trainees of scientific research and also design in finding out just how to resolve the diode circuit issues.

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