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Introduction to Diode: What is Diode ? V-I characteristics of the Diode Explained

The complying with subjects have actually been reviewed in the video clip.

In this video clip, the diode and also its V-I attributes have actually been clarified.

0:43 What is Diode?

1:53 V-I features of Diode

3:57 Ideal Diode and also it’s V-I qualities

6:49 The perfect diode with the limit voltage

10:04 The optimal diode with a limit voltage and also resistance

12:41 Piece-wise straight features of the diode

What is a diode?

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The diode is 2 incurable semiconductor component which enables the circulation of existing in one instructions. (It’s independent aspect).
The one terminal of the diode is called one more terminal and also the anode is referred to as the cathode.

Utilizing V-I qualities of the diode, it is very easy to discover the voltage as well as existing in the circuit which includes the diode.

Onward Bias:.
when the used voltage throughout the anode as well as cathode declares after that the diode enables the circulation of present as well as it is stated to be ahead prejudiced.

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This video clip will certainly be handy to everybody for obtaining the fundamental summary of the diode and also comprehending the V-I features of the diode.

V-I qualities of the diode:.

At the end of the video clip, various diode criteria have actually been reviewed.

The diode is a non-linear aspect. It implies the connection in between voltage and also existing is non-linear. It is a little bit tough to assess the circuit which has a diode since of the non-linear partnership.

As well as to evaluate the circuit, various diode estimates are utilized.
In the video clip, various diode estimations have actually been talked about.

Reverse Bias:.
After that it will certainly not enable the circulation of existing as well as diode is stated to be turned around prejudiced, if the used voltage is adverse.