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MICSPSF 14 Values 330 pcs Diode Assortment Kit Contain Rectifier/Fast Recovery/Schottky/Switching Diode 1N4001 1N4004 1N4007 1N5404 1N5406 1N5408 RL207 FR107 FR207 UF4007 1N5817 1N5819 1N5822 1N4148

🔔Diode Assortment kit🔔MICSPSF Diode assorted kit contain 14 values 330 pcs with different current and voltage.

🔔Diode Assortment kit🔔Rectifier: 1N4001 1N4004 1N4007 1N5404 1N5406 1N5408 RL207.

🔔Diode Assortment kit🔔Switching: 1N4148, 🔔Fast Recovery: FR107 FR207 UF4007.

🔔Diode Assortment kit🔔Schottky: 1N5817 1N5819 1N5822.

🔔Diode Assortment kit🔔Each kind of electronic components are separately packed in anti-static self sealing bags, and they are all packed in a better quality insulated box.

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