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Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Transformer, Inductor, Transistor, Thyristor – IN A NUTSHELL.

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0:00 All digital parts in one video clip.
1:20 What’s a resistor made of? Resistor’s residential properties.
2:20 Power ranking of resistors as well as why it’s essential.
3:09 Fixed and also variable resistors.
3:41 Resistor’s voltage decline as well as what it relies on.
4:56 What is capacitance determined in? Farads, microfarads, nanofarads, picofarads.
5:32 Capacitor’s inner framework. Why is capacitor’s voltage score so crucial?
6:07 Capacitor vs battery.
6:43 Capacitors as filters. What is ESR?
7:43 DIODE.
8:31 Current circulation instructions in a diode. Noting on a diode.
9:14 Diodes in a bridge rectifier.
10:08 Voltage decline on diodes. Utilizing diodes to tip down voltage.
12:48 How to discover voltage ranking of a Zener diode?
15:00 Toroidal transformers.
15:41 What is the function of the transformer? Secondary and also key coils.
16:50 Why are transformers so prominent in electronic devices? Galvanic seclusion.
17:30 How to inspect your USB battery charger for safety and security? Why does not a transformer operate straight existing?
19:07 Experiment showing releasing and also billing of a choke.
20:41 Inductance. Inductors as filter gadgets. Inductors in DC-DC step-down converters.
21:45 Ferrite grains on computer system cable televisions and also their function.
23:45 Using a transistor button to magnify Arduino result.
24:34 Finding a transistor’s pinout. Emitter, collection agency and also base.
25:06 P-type as well as n-type semiconductors. NPN and also PNP transistors. Present gain, voltage and also regularity score of a transistor.
28:17 Building a straightforward lock button utilizing an SCR.
29:04 Ron Mattino – many thanks for enjoying!

1:20 What’s a resistor made of? Resistor’s residential or commercial properties. Inductors as filter tools. NPN as well as PNP transistors. Existing gain, voltage and also regularity score of a transistor.