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Schottky Diode Explained

In this video clip, the Schottky diode has actually been Clarified.

By viewing this video clip, you will certainly find out the complying with subjects:

0:26 Different features as well as Applications of Schottky Diode

4:17 Limitation of the Schottky Diode

5:16 Construction of the Schottky Diode

7:38 Reverse Recovery Time of the Diode

What is Schottky Diode:

The Schottky diode is a 2 incurable gadget which functions comparable to the diode yet has some distinct functions.

1) Low Forward Voltage Drop (Typically 0.3 V to 0.5 V).
2) Small Reverse Recovery Time.

Because of its Low Forward Voltage Drop, it is utilized in the high power applications. (High existing and also fairly reduced power applications).

And also as a result of its little reverse healing time, it is made use of in the quick changing applications (e.g SMPS, interaction gadgets (RF mixer as well as detector circuits).

The restrictions of Schottky Diode:.

1. High reverse Leakage Current.
2. Reduced Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV).

The Schottky Diode is made making use of the semiconductor and also the steel.
The semiconductor product utilized to be an n-type product. (Although p-type product can be made use of, primarily n-type is chosen product).
As well as steels like Chrome, Molybdenum and so on are made use of as the steel.

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This video clip will certainly be handy to all the pupils of scientific research and also design in comprehending the Schottky Diode.

The Schottky diode is special in the feeling that the circulation of present results from one cost service provider as there is no minority cost service provider. As well as therefore it is a unipolar tool.


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Building of the Schottky Diode:.

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As well as because of the lack of the minority cost provider, the reverse recuperation time of the diode is really little. That’s why it can be utilized in the quick changing applications.