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What is a Diode? (Interactive!) – Electronics Basics 6

Please describe my video clip “Reversing Direction”. there is a modification in just how I am showing electron circulation, transferring to standard circulation.

Recognize what diodes are and also what they do.
Attempt this circuit!

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( Please keep in mind: Due to the instructions of electron circulation in the circuit, the diode sign does not correctly mirror the instructions in which present is obstructed, as present would really stream in the reverse instructions displayed in this video clip. This is just because of the circuit making use of electron circulation as opposed to standard present circulation; to be clarified in a later video clip.

This video clip was created with the aid of the outstanding application called everycircuit, at


Apart from the small aesthetic mistakes, the video clip still plainly reveals the diode performing existing in just one instructions, and also opposing existing in the various other. This is the bottom line I intended to make clear).

Software program:

This video clip was generated with the aid of the exceptional application called everycircuit, at

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